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IT-consultants Why choose IT-consultants from ObjectLabs?

IT-consultants from ObjectLabs all have a minimum of 5 years university education and 5 years work experience, except when possessing special competence in crucial areas. Our unique cost profile still ensures lower prices than with other consultants. Extensive reuse of code from our object library ensures rapid development and high quality. Another important and competitive advantage is our objective to recreate simplicity in computer systems. We do construct UML modeled, 3-layer, component based solutions with advanced data bases and web sites developed according to the Rational Unified Process. But we do also give you the counterarguments against such complex and expensive solutions. More.

Competance, methods and tools Competence, methods and tools

Internet portals that get found, read and understood Our speciality is internet portals that work.
Microsoft and .NET
Building and maintaining advanced 3-layer component based Window applications is our force. We now recommend the .NET technology which reduces he costs of building Window programs, portals, and webservices.
Java, J2EE Oracle
We model, build and maintain Java applications with for example Oracle 9i databases and  application servers.
PHP with MySQL database Simple home pages and advanced web sites are both built employing the free open source tools PHP and MySQL.
Mainframes, Cobol and web integration We understand the importance of  safeguarding customer investments in Cobol programs, databases and mainframe solutions. ObjectLabs offers development, maintenance and integration with the internet, as well as eventual migration to open systems.
Open source and Linux Open solutions exploit free software and source code. You may now use Linux for eg., free Office software.
Rational unified process
This method enables safe development of large systems where modeling of processes are important.
Software recovery services We take over and rectify failed IT investments and large project cost overruns.

Software developers Competent IT-consultants are welcome

We seek consultants for ObjectLabs . Our objective is that you shall retain a larger part of total income than with traditional consultancy companies. You will at the same time enjoy the comfort of assistance from ObjectLabs total competence pool and our quality securing of customer deliveries. More.

ObjectLabs a.s, Aschehougsvei 6, N-0587 Oslo, Norway. Phone (+ 47) 21 39 00 06. Mail post@objectlabs.no